The Band


Scott Cioe | Guitar and Vocals

Lead guitarist and vocalist Scott is a veteran of the New England music scene, having played with WHJY Radio’s famous Paul and Al and The Nads as their band leader. He is a founding and current member of Detroit Breakdown as well as Man Made God and Exit 19. Scott brings an exciting, one of a kind tone to this project and has been rated as one of the area’s top players and showmen.
Gear: Gibson, Fender and Gretsch guitars. Doctor Z amps and way too many pedals!


Rich “Reggie” Roussel | Bass and Vocals

Bass player and vocalist Reggie is the first half of the rhythm section and is also a founding and current member of Detroit Breakdown.  He is also a founding member of Mainbreak, Injustice and the Negative Attitudes. Reggie’s big, bad Jazz bass lays down a great bottom end to tap your foot to.

Gear: Fender and Nash Jazz Basses, Mesa Boogie Amps


Danny DeSa | Percussion and Vocals

Drummer and vocalist Danny is the other half of the rhythm equation. He was a student of the legendary Buddy Braga. Founding member of 30 Cans, Dan has also been with Winthrop Conrad and the El Dorado Trio. Dan’s dynamic multifaceted style is a perfect compliment to the project.
Gear: Yamaha Stage Custom drums, Ziljian cymbals